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Batgirl - Fans criticize the heroine's uniform; Check it out!

Eduardo Felipe



Batgirl is one of DC's newest projects, which will tell the story of Barbara Gordon, however, the costume of the movie did not please fans very much; Check it out!

After the actress Leslie Grace reveal the uniform of the Batgirlfans of the heroine criticized the uniform made for the feature film, and also said that it looked more like cosplay than the superheroine's uniform. Check out the outfit below:

Leslie Grace in the Batgirl costume
Leslie Grace in the Batgirl costume

After all the criticism, Adil El Arbidirector of Batgirlreplied her fans on Instagram, posting in her stories the meme Batman slapping Prodigy Boybut in this version, the Robin represents the fans who are criticizing the heroine's costume, while the Batman answers: "Shut up and wait for the movie." Check out the image below:

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