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FNAF | Security Breach to get free DLC!

PlayStation Blog reveals that new FNAF Security Breach DLC will be free!

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FNAF | Security Breach to get free DLC!

Now with the new trailer for Help Wanted 2made available by SonyUnfortunately we don't see much, only the elevator from FNAF Sister Location and Balloraindicating new animatronics and scenarios. But what is really impressive is the information present in PlayStation.

Animatronics from FNAF 1 and 2.

In her blog, the PlayStation gives us new clues about what it will have in Help Wanted 2which promise to bring more mini-games with other animatronics that have not appeared before. But what really matters is the excerpt below:

Text taken from the PlayStation blog Affirming the free FNAF Security Breach DLC.

At first glance there is nothing unusual about it but the icing on the cake is in the part:

"...We are currently adding another chapter to Security Breach's story in the upcoming free DLC..."

Translated, we have the following sentence: "...At the moment, we are adding another chapter to the history of Security Breach in the next free DLC...". This confirms the direct link of Help Wanted with Security Breachand also tells us that its next DLC will be free for those who already have it Security Breach!

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Source: PlayStation Blog


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