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Steam games will run on Tesla; Check it out!

Yesterday Tesla CEO Elon Musk, ended up letting us know on twitter that they are working on a way to run some Steam games in cars; Check it out!

João Victor



Steam tesla

Yesterday on Tuesday (22) the CEO of Tesla Elon Muskhe ended up advising in the twitter that they are working on a way to run some games from Steam in cars Teslawhich will be the first car with gaming compatibility, something quite revolutionary for those who can afford one. Tesla. Check out what Elon Musk said on Twitter below:

"We are working on the general case of making Steam games run on a Tesla versus specific titles. The former is obviously where we should be in the long term."

Steam tesla

This may indicate a new era in gaming with greater accessibility not only with Steam but also with Xbox or the Playstationand can bring the Xbox Game Pass and other services as well, maybe even have streaming support.

The promise of this function and that it would be possible to play up to Cyberpunk 2077 us new car models the Model S and Model X which will have a power equivalent to that of new generation consoles, but for now you can only play older, classic games like Atari, Cuphead and Sonic the Hedgehog from Mega driveit is worth that the games of Steam will still be coming in the future so now for the car enthusiasts this news might still take a while but it is worth keeping an eye out.

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