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Price of Horizon Forbidden West on PS5 could lead to legal problems in the US

Since the launch of Playstation 5, new prices on games have been discussed; Check out the polemic of Horizon Forbidden West on PS5

João Victor



Since the launch of Playstation 5 new prices for games were already being discussed and how they might increase, the new Horizon Forbidden West which comes out today February 18th is already causing legal problems in gringa because of its price, the game would have 2 versions being one for PS4 and another for PS5the last-generation console version costing 60 dollars while on PS5 is going for $70.

Remember that if you buy the PS4 from Horizon Forbidden West for U$60 you get a free upgrade to PS5that is, who has the new Playstation 5 I would have to pay more for the same game without any benefits, and it is a price that hurts the customers who preferred a newer console.

Horizon Forbidden West

The lawyer Richard Hoeg criticized this attitude that Sony has taken, saying that this is an attitude that harms the consumer who chose such a console and even more with the marketing on the site itself of the Sony placing the more expensive version above the cheaper US$10 version, requiring the consumer to scroll a bit further to find the cheaper option.

Remembering that this also happens here in Brazil but in a more abusive way, with the standard version of Horizon Forbidden West for PS4 is costing R$ 299.90 and the PS5 R$ 349.90 being 50 reais more for the same game, with the 350 version at the top of the site while the cheaper version is almost at the bottom of the store page, giving the illusion that the game costs more than it really is.

But no legal action has yet been taken against Sony being a very big possibility to happen, since we saw that the marketing was made to catch more lay people and this can hurt your customers since it forces them to buy at a higher price for not having seen a cheaper version of the game.

But for now Horizon Forbidden West has been critically acclaimed and looks like it will be another big hit, if the Federal Trade Commission (federal business commission) of the USA to file some action and just put the version of PS5 the U$60 is to return the U$10 to the customers who paid more and felt aggrieved that everything will be solved is the new Horizon will be sold correctly.

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