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Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

The Filmware aims to protect the data of its users. For this reason, this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Agreement was prepared, which aims to clarify how visitors' information is used and stored by our server, as well as to establish rules regarding the use of this website.


This portal is hosted on a Shared Hosting server.


The server on which this portal is hosted collects only the IP (Internet Protocol) of each user that accesses it. However, in eventual login and/or forms made available by this electronic site, other information may be collected, which will be expressly requested from the visitor, such as name, age, e-mail, among others. When registering for an eventual loginby answering questions in possible forms, the user of this portal agrees to the collection of this data by the server.

This website is also provided with APIs (Application Programming Interface) such as Google Analytics, which collects information that is used for demographic purposes, for example. In the case of third party applications, this portal is not responsible for the collection of this data. With regard to the use of this information, this portal is limited to analyzing it in order to improve the services it provides. We use data such as, for example, the time a visitor spends on each page of the website, the links you access, the device and browser you use, etc.

In addition to the Google Analytics API, this website is also powered by the Google AdSense API, which can collect information related to the searches a visitor makes on other portals in order to serve ads according to his or her preferences. If a person searches for a sneaker on Google, it is likely that ads for shoes will appear for him. Click here to learn more about how Google uses this data.


There is also, on this portal, links (addresses) that may redirect the user to another website. Therefore, it is reiterated that this document will only apply to the domain "". This portal is not responsible for the use and collection of information by websites other than the one mentioned above, even if the access comes from "".


This portal publishes content of its own and of third parties, related to digital games of the competitive scene. These contents may be published and/or reproduced in the form of text, audio, video and images.

Reproduction, in whole or in part, of The Filmware's own content is prohibited, unless properly credited. It is also forbidden the commercialization or sale of materials and contents that are, by right, properties of The Filmware, except when authorized by the administration of the portal.


By accessing this electronic site, the user fully accepts the terms set forth in this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use agreement.

The administration of this portal may interrupt or limit access - totally or partially - to this electronic site at any time, without prior notice, to perform maintenance due to possible problems. This suspension or limitation of access may also occur at its own discretion.

This Privacy Policy and Terms of Use document may be changed at any time without prior notice.

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