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Review Without Spoiler - The Batman | The riddle is solved!

Eduardo Felipe



The Batman is DC's newest reboot, bringing a new vision of Batman, as well as new mysteries. Check out what we think!

The day before yesterday (01), was launched The Batman is the new reboot of Batmanbringing a new vision of what would be the BatmanWe don't have a lot of the unbridled action as in the previous films.

What I thought of the film in its technical points!

First of all, we should start by talking about the direction. At The Batman we had Matt Reeves as screenwriter and director of the feature film, which, by the way, showed a beautiful job, from the cast's acting to the positioning of light and camera, it is also notable that he loves the dark and reddish tone of the film, since in several moments we can see the red light, which is not only present in the title coloring, but in several moments where there is a vast darkness.

Robert Pattinson in The Batman (Divulgação/Warner)
Robert Pattinson in The Batman (Divulgação/Warner)

Another important point is that the feature does not try to make you know Bruce Waynehe gives some clues about the hero's past, but doesn't actually show what happened, maybe the director assumed that if you are watching the movie, you should already know the character's history and background, so if you don't know BatmanIt may take a while to understand why he becomes a vigilante.

The acting also leaves nothing to be desired, for the way Robert Pattinson The interaction with the environment during an investigation is, in a way, interesting, because you can see that the character is analyzing the entire context and events, thus demonstrating to be very focused on everything around him. In addition, the fight scenes are very well done, however, there are things that are not very realistic, for example: the bat-suit being practically indestructible, but since it is a superhero movie, we can ignore this.

We must also talk about the soundtrack, which completely matches the movie, not being cloying and always arriving at the right moment, even the ambient sound in some parts is amazing, during my experience, there were moments when I thought it was raining outside, but it was actually in the movie scene.

The dubbing doesn't leave much to be desired either, however, the voice of Wendel Bezerra as Batman seems a bit strange, as it is unusual to see the voice actor doing a thick voice that even seems forced, but during the parts of Bruce Wayne seems more natural, thus making the strangeness disappear with time.


What can we say about the story?

For those who don't know, the new feature film is inspired by Year One (1987), The Long Halloween (1996-1997) and Ego (2000). All old comics from Batman and that his inspirations are remarkable, for example "The Long Halloween" which, as the name suggests, takes place on Halloween.

Another thing we have is the mystery behind the whole story, besides being an involving plot, it also makes you think about what will be the next step of the characters or even the plan of the Riddler (Paul Dano)Besides, the story focuses a lot on this, that is, the film did what it promised in this respect.

For me, the story starting suddenly without much explanation was not very pleasing, because it is as if you are thrown into the middle of the universe without any context, just knowing that it is a BatmanBut otherwise the story is amazing, being very well constructed.

Is it possible that there will be a sequel to The Batman?

Matt Reeves has already confirmed that it is negotiating for a second film, plus the ending confirms this, and if we do get a sequel to the film, it will certainly be very welcome.

My final thoughts!

The Batman is a great movie, besides bringing questions about some things, however, would not recommend the movie to watch with your child (a), because, it is very violent and should also be seen with the eyes of someone older to understand the plot and can get deeper into it. But the movie is amazing in general, however I had some problems in my session, because the movie was cut. It seemed like the version of IMAX. But being cropped to 1920×1080, having some subtitles cut out in the middle as well. Possibly you won't have that problem. My final rating for The Batman é 9/10.


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