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Samsung | Streaming games will come to its new TVs; Check it out!

João Victor



At the latest CES, Samsung shows a great proposition by putting Google Stadia and GeForce Now on its new Smart TVs. Check it out!

A Samsung at CES 2022 (Consumer Electronics Show) took the opportunity to present us its new models from its line of Smart TVs coming out in 2022, they will come bundled with per-user gaming services. streamingand they are: the Geforce Now and the Google Stadia.

Samsung's new 2022 TVs to feature GeForce Now and Google Stadia - Leonhart Games

Besides these two great streaming serviceswe will also have the service of Utomikwhich focuses on cost-benefit having several unknown and cheap games, being a service that has a lower cost than its competitors, but unfortunately does not bring great titles, remember that the Google Stadia it's costing US$10 only the monthly subscription, while Utomik valley US1TP4Q14 for 3 months. Also, the apps will not come pre-installed, so you can choose whether or not you want the apps on your TV.

The choice of Samsung to put the Google Stadia is very risky, since the Google was a failure, and no matter how good others are streaming servicesThey were not very well accepted because they had several problems, maybe this choice of Samsung will change people's view about the streaming servicesand even the market.

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