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We did it! | Sonic Frontiers will be translated for Brazilians.

Sonic Frontiers is announced with Portuguese subtitles confirmed by the official SEGA profile.

João Victor



After they upped the hashtag so that Sonic Frontiers be located, today (10) the SEGA recognized us and made a post on twitter official Sonic talking about the languages that will be subtitled and dubbed in the game, is confirmed the desire of many Brazilian fans, check out the post below:

Finally SEGA will bring a big game of the franchise fully translated for us Brazilians, being this a very old desire of the fans since games like Sonic Generationsis if you now enter twitter We will see many people commenting happily after a great achievement for those who love the franchise and the character, and others wondering when other companies will do the same.

This just shows the power of the people in decisions like this, the Brazilian market is huge when it comes to games, now we have to fight for more games and different franchises to come subtitled and localized for the Brazilian people, we have the power and we made a difference for this decision.

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