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Spider-Man 3 | Easter Egg may indicate franchise comeback

Spider-Man 3 has several references to the character's multiverse, but this time, one of them may bring about the return of a franchise. Check it out!

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We all already know that we will have 3 more Spider-Man movies, so for now, we can already speculate what is to come in the 4th film. Check it out!

Jon Watts is well known for putting Easter Eggs on the license plate in the Spider-Man from UCMNot only that, but it often has everything to do with the web-head comics.

However, fans noticed something that on one of the plates we have "TA5M-3"which we all recognize as "The Amazing Spider-Man 3"symbolizing a possible return of the Andrew Garfield. Check out the image below:

However, this is not quite how it works. As you can see, the scene in question is the bridge on which the Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina) attacks Peter Parker (Tom Holland) And as we said before, the director likes to make comic book references.

What does the Easter Egg in Spider-Man 3 mean?

So the theory can be broken down with a simple search, if you look for The Amazing Spider-Man #3 from 1963you will see that this is the third HQ from Spiderman launched since its inception.

Not only that, but she introduces Otto Octaviusso it is only a direct reference to the comics and when Octopus was created.

Spider-Man: Homeless (2021)has already had the release of its version Blu Ray digital released on streamings and in online stores, and can even be rented, not only that, but it was also made available in all languages.


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