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Spider-Man 4 - What could happen in the feature film; Check it out!

Eduardo Felipe



We all already know that we will have 3 more Spider-Man movies, so for now, we can already speculate what is to come in the 4th film. Check it out!

It is already common knowledge that we will have 3 more films from Spider-Man on UCM (Marvel Cinematic Universe)thus forming a new trilogy, with Spider-Man: No Coming Home closing the trilogy "Homecoming".

Spider-Man 3 FanArt (2021)
Spider-Man 3 FanArt (2021)

However, we only know a few details of what is to come, such as: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) having to deal with his college in addition to his double life, or receiving the symbiosis and creating the much feared Venomamong others.

However, we don't have any more details than that, so what we can do is speculate what's coming next. At first we can take some information from the comics and try to fit it into the context of the films. However, we should ask a few questions first, the first one we can ask at the moment is "how Peter will get money to pay his rent and keep up?".

The character never had to worry about this kind of thing, but the end of "No Going Home" turned the game around, now our protagonist is entering adulthood and having to look for a job, with that we get some answers like: Photógraph, Motoboy, Teacher, etc. It is very likely that Peter start with photography, or even being a lab assistant in the Empire State University as well as in Comics.

What could be the next villains in Spider-Man 4?

We can also speculate what the next villains of the hero will be, one of them is Kingpin/Wilson Fisk (Vincent D'Onofrio)which was originally presented in "The Spectacular Spider-Man #50 July 1967"but in the UCM itself, the character was shown in the Blaster from Netflix.

Including, this is a great opportunity to Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) back to the screens, as the Tom Holland has said that he wants to see the heroes together again, plus we could have a more investigative side to Spidey. Not only that, but it would also be awesome if we had Chameleon in a future film, being a possible henchman of something much bigger.


Another possible villain is Gatuno/Aaron Davis (Donald Glover)with the character being one of the main villains of a movie, maybe we would have the appearance of Miles Moralesthe second Spider-Man.

The villains listed here are just the tip of the iceberg, for the Spider-Man has a large category of them, ranging from mercenaries to multidimensional beings.

Could we get more of the Multiverse in the movie?

Maybe so, it is impossible that the events of the previous film have not left Peter thoughtful, maybe he will start doing research on the Multiverse and being one of the first to understand how it works, that way we could have more of the hero's old role players, as well as bringing the Spider-Verse to the surface.

If we think on the one hand, the Marvel Entertainment can develop Peter infinitely, for we have a sea of events to come, not only that, but now we have 3 Peter Parkers in cinema which brings an infinity of possible stories, as well as sequences.

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