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Spider-Man Noir gets a live-action series on Prime Video!

According to Variety, Nicolas Cage will return as Spider-Man Noir in Prime Video's new series. Check it out!

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Spider-Man Noir gets a live-action series on Prime Video!

We all love Spider-Man in the Spider-Verseand because of its success, the Prime Video is developing a series based on one of the most beloved arachnid heroes in animation.

Spider-Man Noir in Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse (edited).
Spider-Man Noir in Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse (edited).

According to Variety, o Spider-Man Noir (Nicolas Cage)The alternative version of the arachnid hero will be given the opportunity to have his own series.

As seen in Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse, o Spiderman Noir is a version of the hero living in 1930's New York, where he receives his powers from a "Spider-God" when bitten by a spider hidden in an artifact.

The series of Spiderman Noir will be scripted by Oren Uziel (Lost City), who developed the concept alongside Phil Lord e Christopher Millerproducers and screenwriters of Spidey. The line-up of the hero, who has already had the voice of Nicolas Cage e Milo Ventimiglia (in the series Ultimate Spider-Man).

This is the second project of Prime Video related to the multiverse of Spider-ManThe platform had previously announced the live-action series of Silk: Spider Societya well-known protagonist in the Brazil like Silk Web. There are no dates yet for the premiere of the projects.

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