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Team17 | Overcooked Studio to stop using NFT

Yesterday on Tuesday (01) the famous Team17 responsible for overcooked and The Escapists, announced its departure from the world of NFT, the company in its official twitter released a note warning its departure and justifying; Check it out!

João Victor




Yesterday (01) the famous Team17responsible for Overcooked and The Escapistsannounced its exit from the world of NFTthe company in its Twitter The official released a note announcing his departure and justifying it. Check out the official note below:

"Team17 today announces the end of the MetaWorms NFT project. We have listened to our Teamsters, development partners and communities of our games and the concerns they have expressed and have therefore made the decision to move away from the NFT space."


Fans of the company liked the move, but still wonder why the Team17 to have entered the market of NFTsince the NFTs are being hated and disliked by the public, with many people seeing more downsides than upsides.

Will this influence more companies? since the public clearly does not like NFTs and are avoiding as much as possible companies and games that use this feature, recently we had the Ubisoft and the Square Enix entering this new market, giving a sign that it really can be the future of games, but who knows, maybe with the negative feedback from the public they will not go back on these decisions.

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