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Valorant | Mobile Version may have closed beta before launch

Yesterday a famous leaker in the valorant community reported that the mobile version of valorant will have a closed beta; Check it out!

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This Thursday (10) a leaker famous in the Valorant called Mike informed in his twitter a possible rumor that the mobile version of the game may receive a closed beta later this year for us to test, if this rumor is true will be able to acquire a key as well as in 2020? since we saw that the Riot has created a very strong partnership with Amazonwill it be possible not only to have a closed beta, but also to have an open beta for the public?

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A Riot games is also wanting the new mobile version team to work on optimization, since the Pc these last few months ended up drifting from this path and the game ended up having problems with Fps, but as we have seen the company is presiding over player with Pcs We can see this in the patch notes for the computer version, so hopefully the mobile version will come with low battery consumption and run on those older devices.

This rumor gains strength when we have a lot of news in the universe of ValorantWe will have rework, general changes in the game and maps, as well as a total change in the game system to make it run better, so thinking that in a few months we will have something similar to what happened in 2020 is not a distant idea.

Recently we have already announced the rework of the agent Yoru showing images of the development of the worst agent in the game, then if you like the game and a great time to play, since the beta the game received several changes and already cogitated the mobile version since at the time the Riot games was launching the Wild Riftthe famous Lol opened a new market for the company and now we will have Valorant and probably other games from the company.

Valorant Yoru

Remembering that this is just a rumor, and if it is true it will take some months as all the changes in the Pc of the game, so keep an eye on the coming months that promise much to improve the game and become more accessible to the community and to people who want to know the game.

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